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English name:
Ragnarok Online
Chinese name: 仙境传说
Platform: PC
Game type: MMO RPG
Developer: GRAVITY
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As I know, the most famous and most widely spread RO skill simulator (html version) is made by a Japanese, Attesa. It also has an english version for iRO players. Here is my GOAL - make another successful skill simulator (flash version) for all the RO lovers, maybe, better than Attesa's :)

I had been working for 4 months and finally, published my work in February 2008. It's a Chinese version of course. One year later, I translate it into english. Hope all the iRO players would like it.

Simulator Intro ▲TOP
Some advantages of the flash version:
1. This version is a swf file, containing all the classes, not one class one html.
2. Just download the flash to your harddisk, without finding the web address everytime.
3. The size is 333KB, while html version needs 200KB for each class.

4. Switch between 2nd and Transcendent 2nd Classes easily.
5. A brand-new skill tree design.

You may EXPORT your skill preference as a URL code, such as
While others visit this URL, they could get your skill design.

History ▲TOP
2009-01-26 ver 1.2 (2009 Spring Festival): English version is published.

2008-02-07 ver 1.0 (2008 Spring Festival): 2008 Olympic version is published.

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